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How to book a lady?

Book your choosen lady in advance so long as It is possible. Reservation on the last moment  is not unfortunately always possible to be managed.

To make a reservation it is necessary to fill in the reservation form. Please fill in all required fields. This is the most comfortable way how all informations which are necessary for booking a lady are recieved. For reservation and other communication you can also use our e-mail adress cse@cosmopolitan-society-escort.com or you can contact us by mobile phone +420 774 983 510, either phone calls or sms communication are possible.


In case the lady is travelling to an other city than where she is based, some client's personal details are required: client's name and surname, phone contact and confirmation about a hotel reservation. Travel expenses and all costs (accomodation, beverage) are reimbursed by client. Rates of ladies do not included this costs.


At the moment the payment is possible only in cash and on the spot, directly to lady. Please have in advance prepared the amount of money  which corresponds to the price for the time specified in the profile of each of the girls. Pass on the cash to the lady ideally in an envelope in the course of the first 10-minute of the meeting and ask the lady to check the amount of money. Ladies expect taht the clients are gentlemen and they do not get ladies into situations when they would have to tell themselves about money.

Cancellation of reservation

Please inform immediately in case you know the meeting could not take place. Not any cancellation fees are charged.

Confidentiality and seriousness

You can count on maximum discretion and seriousness. Clients are not concated by provided emails or phone numbers. In the case of negotiation of the reservation of lady (unexpected situations), is communicated by povided email. Only if it would be any emergency or any necessary situation, then the clients are contacted by phone.